French plastician, leaves and works in France
1961: birth in Bougie (Algeria). 

1982: victim of a motorbike accident. several months of immobilisation et years of physiotherapy during which his creative and artistic talents were to develop.
1991: realisation of his first true art works, followed by his first exhibitions. 

1993: 1st prize for young painters - Salon d’automne de la Loire (Blois, France). 

1996: Europe prize of painting (Ostende, Belgium). 

1999-2000: Birth of the main axis of his work with his first sculptures. 

2001: Prize Art Dialogue– Paris (18th RDV des Jeunes Plasticiens - La Garde, France). 

2003-2005: several travels to Italy, to London and to the United States (Oregon). 

2005: Public order of a sculpture in tribute to the deportees (Mairie de Valbonne-Sophia Antipolis, France). 

2005: new direction in his work moving to a two dimensions work and birth of the initial series of F. artworks (artwork with fire imprint) still on-going.  

2006: new travel to United States (Portland – Oregon). 

2007: set up of his studio in the village of Bonnieux in the Luberon (France).  

2008: also works on the French Riviera (Côte d’Azur). 

2010-2012: new dimension in his artwork with canvas inserted in deep frames, like paintings-sculptures and in-depth work, with multiple layers as a universe in a thousand leaves. 

2012: introduction of the light in his work, as a medium linking natural elements and those more conceptual. 

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